SIS Campus Placement Drive 2021

SIS Campus Placement

SIS Campus Placement Drive 2021 At Sewayojan Karyalay Fatehabad


SIS provides security, facility management and cash logistics services, which are essential to the functioning of a vibrant and healthy economy. We have emerged as a trusted leader across these business segments in India and other geographies in the Asia Pacific region.

Over the years, we have gained deep insights about ourkey markets—India and Australia—which have enabled usto leverage opportunities across geographies.Our brands have become synonymous with quality solutions in these markets. With over three decadesof experience, in-house end-to-end bandwidth, and proficiency across sectors, we are addressing diverse anddynamic business needs of our clients, while at the sametime growing our market share.We are deepening our customer relationships and scope ofengagement through our integrated solutions portfolio.

SIS Campus Placement

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SIS Campus Placement

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